getting closer lyrics – billy joel

i went searching for the truthbut in my innocence i found
all the con men and their acrobatswho stomped me in the ground
if i count up their percentagesi know they’re getting rich
but they haven’t taken everythingthose paybacks are a b*tch
though i’ve lost quite a loti am still in controlthey can keep what they’ve got
but they can’t have my souland if i don’t have this all worked out
still i’m getting closer, getting closeri still have far to go no doubt
but i’m getting closer, getting closerwhat was ripped off by professionals
is not all that it seemswhile i must live up to contracts
i did not give up my dreamsif i see it as experienceit hasn’t gone to waste
lately all the missing pieceshave been falling into place
and if i could go back and start over somehowi would not change that much
knowing what i know nowthought there have been sinsi will regret
still i’m getting close, getting closeri don’t have all the answers yet
but i’m getting closer, getting closeri’m a mark for every shyster
from topanga to berlinand i should have learned to kick them out
as soon as they crawled inso to every bank in switzerland
that stores my stolen youthi’m alright because despite the laws
you cannot hide the truthand although you will sayi am still too naive
well, i have not lost faithin the things i believe
and if i don’t have this all worked outstill i’m getting closer, getting closer
i still have far to go no doubtbut i’m still getting closer, getting closer

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