getting sentimental on that ass lyrics – deadwater drowning

always and forever burned in my hands. the rhythm of the trigger at home within my hands.
it hurts me to see you like this.
just one question: how does it feel?
did you ever stop to think that maybe you’re killing me?
how i wish that was true.
how i wish you would end me.
always and forever she swallowed.
choked. broke her neck as she screamed “never”.

this ends right here.
this ends right now.
you’re not going home looking like that.
take one for the road.
every second you wasted on breathing…

you could have swallowed the blood in your mouth and said you were sorry.
if we make it out alive, i swear i’ll kill myself first.
why would i hurt you?
this will be all over soon. faster than it would take 6 bullets to reach the back of you skull.

grind my teeth until my gums bleed.
like a bad dream, i wait to speak to myself in my sleep.
just like a bad dream, she burnt out faster than i could have ever imagined.
just like a bad dream, always and forever

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