ghost in the machine lyrics – jaewon

chorus (x2):
i wonder if they could see
all of these insecurities
that i carry inside of me, oh-oh
there’s a ghost in the machine…

verse 1:
they say sleep is the cousin of death
so my eyes wide open, i daren’t even shut ’em rest
’cause if only for a second, i might fall
and slip into the background of a shadowless white wall – and go missing

they don’t listen to a word
that i’m saying, so i’m standing on stage blowing kisses to my girls
i mean, what good does it do painting pictures for the world
when you rarely ever get the recognition you deserve (check it…)

and rarely do we ever see the world reppin’
a man trying to hold his own with a blurred vision
i know reality bites, it’s f*cking nerve-wrecking
still i’m chasing immortality with every word written

yeah, and you see my notebook’s filling up
building up all of these feelings that i can’t get rid of
spill my guts while they are arguing if it’s real enough
i’m just telling y’all about my life and y’all should give it up…


verse 2:
similar to hot breezes on the cool side
opportunities will only appear if the mood’s right
i look at the blue sky
while thinking it’s time for me to – loosen my grip of this rope and let my
balloons fly (high)

with a focus n*body’s getting close to
never touch a bottle, i just bottle my emotions
close ’em up and put ’em on the bottom of the ocean
while i see them dishonour my devotion

hoping that i won’t make it out alive, while i’m just trying to get a grip
so caught up always worrying what they would think of it
salute me as deserted captain of a sinking ship
seeing everything i love slipping through my fingertips

and truthfully i have never been this afraid to fall
but can’t break it off, my head’s spinning, trying to shake it off
waiting for something that ain’t never gon’ happen
or something they ain’t letting me go after, i’m singing out…


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