gilgamesh lyrics – inanna

blood of men was once spilled, run through the walls of
oppression and rape rests over the throne of king

in tyranny, souls are slaughtered during the endless
hear our pleas, almighty anu, unleash all your power on

out of the clay, enkidu has risen, shepherd of the
dweller of the mountain, your anger will break all the

six days and seven nights
the wh*r* gave you knowledge and power
not a savage anymore
go to the city, for wolves and lions
are already dead

fight was hard, might of t*tans was shown
the king has lost, but his dreams have spoken

we are marching now to face humbaba the destroyer
a sacrifice needed to end with the grief of the empire

the beast defeated, purification fulfilled
your old life was cleanse
the vengeance of ishtar

eternity was granted to the gods, your will is nothing
but dust
“the th*rns gave me the breath of life, which i’ll
share with my people”
go back to uruk, clean your soul and hang your old
all is lost, you must leave this world as a mortal
king gilgamesh!!

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