girls would u fuck tonight lyrics – kool keith

{*girl moans in the background*

yo keith, yo this is mark yo
i got this fine-*ss b*tch in the pelican right now
suckin my d*ck and lickin my *ss on the drum machine

[kool keith]
yo put that motherf*cker on the phone.
wh*ssup baby? i heard you like cherry lubrication
your girlfriend called me last night
told me she liked to get f*cked in the *ss

don’t be so stiff, take your panties off
get in the f*ckin tub, here’s a washcloth
warm tea and chicken broth
my arousal, you f*ckin it off
teasin me with a thong on
you look s*xy eatin popcorn
camcorder ready your p*ssy is warm
f*ck rotation, listen to the quiet storm
play with yourself in the shower, i’ll be jerkin off while you gone
stick my tongue in your *ss to fight your arm
strawberries on your cl*t, that’s the bomb
baby all d*ck in my palm
c*ck your *ss up and remain calm
penetrate where you fight it
pull your panties to the side, you like it
my chest, you lick and bite it
hair on your p*ssy, don’t hide it
that gets me excited
plane flights, f*ckin you in mid-air on united
your g-strings is wet, i’m delighted

[repeat 4x]
girl would you f*ck tonight?
suck the d*ck, let me lick the cl*t

watch you p*ss in the toilet bowl
i get freaky, watch you drink milk with diapers on
lick around the cat bowl
pull out couch unfold, pierced belly b*tton
with black leather boots you showin me your *sshole
lubrication grease and pentax camera
you sold all my stamina
the way i house see
i lick your p*ssy from the back on the balcony
witcha girlfriends surroundin me, watchin vhs with me
suckin your br**sts your secret fantasy
is to suck my d*ck in the pickup truck, and have s*x
while you b*mp your cd by next
i rub my hand and face and smear sperm in your chest
spread your legs wide, i see the pink in your p*ssy flesh
open it down south, wipe my c*m from around your mouth
watch my t*st*cl*s regurgitate
f*ck your girlfriend, i put fingers in her *ss, she like to hate
you trust me, put on your lingerie and have faith
condom on my d*ck, let’s be safe

[repeat 8x to fade]
girl would you f*ck tonight?
suck the d*ck, let me lick the cl*t

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