give and take lyrics – grouch

i work my fingers to the bone
my elbow grease heaps
benefits get reaped, i keep talk to a minimum
props are never rendered on my own
i’m my master, sellin’ tapes for cash
f*ck the middle-man b*st*rds, though
it’ve been faster to take that route
i’m observant, those who didn’t
thats unfortunate how it turned out
i learned early that beatin’ fools is a worldly trade
man how you gonna profit off the music that i make
c’mon now, i’ll trade you for somthin’ equal
but robbing artists blind isn’t the way to be treatin’ people
and, i can see that its gonna take some sweat
but perseverance plus the talent forms a weapon,
and, we steppin’ in fresher this year
objects in the rear view are closer than they appear

it’s a give and take
what you’re given’s what they take
there’s no leftovers
only scr*ps on the plate (x2)

give me a break, what do they have to pay for?
the energies from earth, what do they own that to?
a slew of bills fill my mailbox on the month
the numbers stump me like math
i gotta pay to take a bath, what?
pay to see my *ss
and pay for them to haul away the trash when it’s full
pay to heat my food
and pay to watch the tube,
and if i don’t have cable there’s no channels for me to flip
and that’s more grip, and if you’re poor, sh*t
they only give a few extensions
dimensions of the plot run thick
pretty soon we’ll pay for air when they figure out how to sell it
tell it like you know it and everybody wants to laugh
probably never hear the truth ‘til they take away the cash

chorus (x2)

so many ways to drain the lifespan
sometimes i worry late at night and
try to fight the urge to smoke that beady
but despite man’s will
still my lungs are smoke filled
and i hope to build with better tools
but i be playin’ the fool still
like let me get a sausage mcm*ffin with eggs
a lil’ liquor to get on a fade
i would really have it made
if she would spread her legs
probably aid me to my death before i got the chance to age
wagin’ war all my life
but even if i didn’t
somebody else could do it
and wish me my good riddance
when i’m gone
send me on my path my merry way
time is but the test
we livin’ in scary days

chorus (x2)

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