give it up lyrics – compton’s most wanted

[ verse 1: mc eiht ]
yo, i got a word for a skee tryin to bust me
all they gotta do is just give up that p*ssy
girls, save the drama, cause i know you’re in heat
spread your legs and get ready for the compton meat
i’m a hound, cause the tw*t makes the eiht go wild
throw your legs on my shoulder, or doggy style
got to play the role like a punk-*ss skee
next thing that you know is, you give it to me
girls in compton say they ain’t with it
save the drag, stupid b*tch, in other words, quit it
cause i deliver quick fast like roto-rooter
say the d*ck ain’t potent, crazy duck, i shoot her
first you tell me ‘no’, then you tell me ‘yes’
in a week you’re sayin ‘maybe’, then you say ‘i guess’
? compton ain’t the eiht, so what
all i know is that i’m a p*ssy hound, and you got to give it up

[ chorus ]
(give it up, you give it up
you know what’s on my mind
give it up, you give it up now
you been wasting too much time)

[ verse 2: tha chill ]
i know you’re frontin like a virgin queen
but tha chill is on attack smooth, more like a hype s*x fiend
give it up, don’t play dumb, sayin what?
i got a little love, because my hand’s on your b*tt
girls walk, girls talk, girls talk smack
don’t play him, cause chill ain’t goin out like that
shake your tight b*tt while you rock to the beat
then you hound like a female dog in heat
girls, i see the games that you’re playin
moment i arrive in the p*ssy, b*tch, start prayin
kotex, i fill it, girls too serious
down some satin to the head, then i f*ck you on your period
my d*ck’s on hard while i’m rhymin
i want the real p*ssy, to h*ll with the grindin
i don’t show no mercy
so go ahead and curse me
chill gives a f*ck
so yo, give it up

(give it up, you give it up)
(make love to me)
(make love to me)
(give it up, you give it up)
(you know i will make love to you)
(i wanna f*ck you)
(give it up, you give it up)
(i want a bl*wj*b, and i’m not kiddin)
(give it up, you give it up)
(wing-ding-ding-a-ling down your throat)

[ verse 3: mc eiht ]
not a drag, so why you play me like a kitten?
straighforward to the point, girl, no bullsh*ttin
we can get loaded, and as you get hot
think a plot you can drop, yo, it pops on the tw*t
juice me like a fruit, but you know it ain’t cute
stinky sl*t, eiht’ll give your punk *ss the boot
cause i’m the type of brother who don’t waste time
with the fancy-*ss dress and red roses and wine
i’m a compton n*gg*, compton got it goin
peace to the compton girls, because they hoein
so if another brother try to call you a skee
f*ck the sh*t that he’s talkin, you can skid to e

[ verse 4: tha chill ]
here’s the final word to the girls that skip
should they give it up, e? (h*ll geah)
chill is ready for the ultimate takin
got no time for no b*tch that’s fakin
let me be the first to break you in
another skee comes along, and yo, i’m in like flynn
you say it’s too soon, i don’t give a f*ck
but if the e want some (b*tch, we got to toss you up)
it’s simple, don’t try to front like you don’t know
but if you skee with tha chill, then you got to be a hoe
no draggin, no laggin, and please stop naggin
chill is ready for the f*ck
so yo, give it up

[ chorus ]

(give it up, you give it up)
(we wanna f*ck you)
(give it up, you give it up)
(compton’s most wanted)
(give it up, you give it up)
(i wanna f*ck you too)
(give it up, you give it up)
(whose p*ssy is this?
who’s it?)
(give it up, you give it up)
(it’s yours) (yours) (yours)
(yeah, i’m tryin to dog the best i can
? as i enjoy it)

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