give judy my notice lyrics – ben folds

judy, could anyone
be loved any more?
than i love you
does it hurt you too?

and judy i’ve been feeling
small too long
i love you so
but something’s wrong

and i come running
when you want me here
and when you want me to
i disappear, judy

i knew if i made it easy for you
you’d settle for me
yeah, eventually

but judy i can’t be
myself anymore
it’s way too hard
being loved by default

and i can’t do this any longer
the vacuum left
is so much stronger, judy

judy, you know
i’m not mad anymore
at least most of the time
but it could take a while

and i’ve been living
just to see you smile
every once in a while

tears fall but that don’t
mean nothing at all
just ’cause i said it first
yeah, that’s why it hurts ya

and judy i won’t be
your b*tch anymore
and follow you ’round
and hold the door

and i’m not sorry
if you’re not sorry
and you’re not sorry
’till i make you, judy, judy

give judy my notice
give judy my notice

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