give me back lyrics – kina grannis

i always take the high road
and i always bite my tongue and say
you’re right, oh, you’re right
and i never say just what i think
for fear that you can’t handle it
but tonight, oh, tonight

i can’t hold back
i’m breaking out the gates and screaming

give me back my voice again
give me back my self
give me back my love again
i wanna give it to someone else
i will not calm down, i won’t be nice
now, give me back

all that time i wasted is now
all i’m making up
and it’s mine, oh, it’s mine
now i’m not so scared of what i want
there’s a freedom in just being me
and i’m flying, oh, i’m flying



so sick of trying to make it easy
i’m on my own, now there’s finally breathing room


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