global terrorization lyrics – melancholy pessimism

the world is sick from terror.
oppressed people from totalitarian states.
minorities inside democratic systems
are depressed still.
fighting among nations for a small piece
of land and domination there.
a man kills a man, brother his brother,
friend his friend, dad his son.
the *ss*ssin kills all including himself.
the hi-jacking of aircraft, suicidal attacks
on the streets and bombs
inside the schools and on buses.

global terrorization
heroes in masks
global terrorization

how many victims will die,
on the streets today?
fanatic religions and their endless wars
about a god.
their members detonate explesives around
their own chest among people in the street.

is god a terrorist too?
can he stop the madness?
and holy wars and terror?
…and innocents die…die
…and their gods lie….lie

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