gloryland lyrics – hall & oates

(gloryland, in gloryland

(you’re here in gloryland)

it started with a feeling

and a dream was born in you

you hope and pray that come the day

you’ll see that dream come true.

with every p*ssing moment

you begin to understand

that you’re bound for gloryland.

with a hunger in your heart

and with fire in your soul,

with p*ssion rising high,

you know that you can reach your goal.

believe in what you do

and you’ve the strength to see it through

on the road to gloryland.

(and i say…)

gloryland, in gloryland

it’s in your heart, it’s in your hand.

in gloryland, in gloryland,

you’re here in gloryland.

this is gloryland.

as the day gets ever closer

you are reaching for the sky.

the flames that burn inside

are the flames that never die.

when you start to believe

it’s in your heart,

it’s in your hand.

you know, this is gloryland.

(and i say…)

gloryland in gloryland,

it’s in your heart,

it’s in your hand

in gloryland, hey gloryland.

you’re here in gloryland.


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