go to hell lyrics – carcass

i was there on the day that you died
and i’m the only one here as they bury your hide
and this is the last time i’ll be by your side
well the world is one soul fewer
the preacher says the last rites so well
says you’re going to heaven and not to h*ll
but he has to say that and i know d*mn well
that you’re satan bound

so if you go to h*ll
would you get me something nice
maybe a t-shirt or maybe a hat
or maybe some loaded dice
and if you go to h*ll
would you at least send me a card
so i’ll know how you’re doing
and i’ll know where you are

well you never did care how much you did drink
and you never did care what the others did think
and i’ve got a feeling that now that you’re dead
you won’t even remember my name
i used to write and you’d never write back
i’d call on my card and you’d call me collect
you never bought gifts and you never left tips
but it’s never too late for a change


so go to h*ll you b*st*rd
live painfully ever after
you’ll burn for all eternity
no one rides for free

there’s only one way to escape satan’s flames
if you’re willing to pay to clear your bad name
this is the place and now is the time
so come on give me a sign


burn for all eternity and save a seat for me

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