god after me lyrics – construcdead

sometimes when i walk the streets
i’m overcome by this fantasy
that i’m the only one whose mind is not yet gone,
and that the rest live in a dream.
silence speaks loud, well words speak louder still
and i’m all out of patience, just like you’re out of will.
get a grip, wake up you f*cking puppets.
never disputed, never disproved, never deceived and never
fooled i stand, and the gun in my hand is my imagination.
superior to all i cannot break nor fall.

god created you in his image,
you created god after me.
i see right through this illusion
you call reality

i see, i hear, i feel all that you don’t.
i see i know so much more than i want.
please god (thou), stop this (shall) endless (not)
droning (lie),
make the (thou) voices (shall) cease their (not)
chanting (kill).

trapped in confusion, is it all a dream?
i’m submerging in everything i feel.
i cannot break, i can’t escape my cage of insanity.
slowly i’m losing my grip of me.
one life more or less; one lie…


thou shall not lie, thou shall not kill.

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