going south lyrics – dead moon

bring me my whiskey
i’m checking out
gonna be a long time, girl
i’m going south
shot up the mountain
robbed that train
no way out, little girl
to get away clean

the sheriff’s like lightning
raised from the dead
a bullet with my name, little girl
came at my head
two-time loser
breaking the law
can’t get away, little girl, because
a somebody saw

the sheriff ist coming – found me out
the lines of confusion are burning me down
i know what i done – lotta men do
but all that i wanted was to get home to you
baby, i’m going south

so bring me my whiskey
in the tallest gl*ss
gonna be a long time, little girl
but it might be the last
take me down to folsom
sheriff john law
flirting with death, little girl
somebody talked

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