going to make it lyrics – crazy

first verse:

my daddy must have been frustrated, when he busted a nut
then came me, crawlin’ out my mama’s guts
i never figured i’d be born in h*ll
in the projects, tryin’ to make a livin’ off these crack sales
my baby mama scream “child support”
i can’t sleep at home, cuz a n*gg* sniff c*ke
f*ck it, i’m up early like a dope fiend
the game got me feelin’ like i’m high off terrazine
jump in my grand and i’m mashin’
i score my dope in texas, down here these n*gg*s taxin’
twenty-two for a chicken
sixteen for a real cut believe me, all brick-and
now it’s time to hit the block
i call sam and jeff, let’s cut this sh*t into rocks
you know my game don’t stop
i’m postin’ bail for my n*gg* telly, he got caught with a glock

chorus (uncredited singer+crazy):


we’re going to make it after all


n*gg*s don’t wanna see me ball
hold up my middle finger screamin’ “f*ck ’em all!”
feel me!


second verse:

been rappin’ since an early age, i fiend for loot
i still hear, corey hartman, sayin’ “please don’t shoot”
n*gg*s wonder why i plot to make a mil in this sh*t
droppin’ songs in the studio, bringin’ a hit
never worried about the b*tches cuz they came with paper
me and my n*gg* pretty man is plottin’ up on a caper
it’s all real in the ‘ville n*gg*, peep my pain
for six years i was snortin’ heavy, addicted to cane
with no family to turn, what else could i do?
none of my n*gg*s couldn’t help me, they was loaded too
dreams of bein’ a big rap star circulated
hooked up in robbin’ sh*t, now i was drug-related
ridin’ in a blue bourbon sayin’ “f*ck them hoes”
white t-shirts, and nikes, and a pair of girbauds
never knowin’ that the feds were comin’ tight tomorrow
y’all b*tches just don’t wanna see us ball
feel me now


third verse:

ninety-six brought the death of roderick, and my n*gg* pac
and i was still in the ‘ville slingin’ rocks
told the company i was a soldier, i would’ve gave my life
that’s why a n*gg* stay loyal to his wife
n*gg* started stealin’ money, when he got buried
through all the confusion, i went and got married
good times didn’t last long, cuz we was broke
the company gettin’ ran without roderick was a joke
so a thug fled camp, like ed legend did
with my n*gg* named henry, went the highest bid
we finally dropped “shed tears”, now let’s wait and see
a week later we gettin’ calls, from master p
and every other major label on the block
tryin’ to get a piece of that n*gg* comin’ like pac
a hundred thousand records sold, now let me flaunt it
i can finally get that house my mama wanted
feel me

chorus (2x)


f*ck ’em all
we’re gonna make it
we’re gonna make it
f*ck ’em all
you can suck my d*ck
f*ck ’em all
this for all the haters
this for all the breather haters
f*ck all ya
we’re gonna make it

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