golden jackal song lyrics – mountain goats

well i swung through town
shining like a new quarter
felt something sharp rise up within me
when i crossed the border
stopped at the gas station payphone
i let my fingers fly
the wicked impulses were dying
but i couldn’t let them die
we were over at your place
singin about the old times
i ate so much (carrion)?
that i could not move
i was bloated

when i saw you in the kitchen
glistening like the old country
all your cups and gl*sses
lined up in front of me
i stopped at the faucet for a minute
waited til you came in to see what was wrong
your fingers brushed my ribs playfully
and i played along
you had your tongue in my mouth
your eyes glistening in the light
i ate rich raw (carrion)?
til i could not think
i was full

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