gomorrha lyrics – gomorrah

deepest past and far from here
there was a town.
this population had more s*x
than everywhere.

nynphomaniaks are lifing there
and they can?t get enought.
they sucks out
all the virility.

chorus: gomorrha ,name of the death.
gomorrha ,name of sodomy.
pain ,torture ,hate.

some days ,all husbands
get a thrash to make s*x
but they had no stregth.

they become pained.
they become totured.
after that almost all husbands dies.

the womens would like more
s*x like sodomy.
it?s dreamlike to f*ck sheeps.
they want no miss,all kinds of sodomy.

all remaining mans fonds a squad
to take revenge on the mistress.
they will defeat all womans
with their own addiction.

they cut off the p*n*s
from all horses to f*ck.
they will f*ck all b*tches
until they will die.

chorus2: gomorrha ,name of the death.
gomorrha ,name of sodomy.

incessant pushes and tortures
(fight) again their own addiction.
suffer on their lechery.
toture they will die.

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