good times liberation blues lyrics – diesel park west

let your spirit shine it’s a good thing
chain your demons down
till they’re nothing at all
and even though the material world is working overtime
don’t think twice you’ve just begun
to have good times

now that liberty is calling
you you you and me we gotta go
over thirty one and the heart and soul is doing fine
order food and a meal come
stewardess take me to the sun
let’s flash plastic for ever more
ah good times
good times

whet my appet*te
i’m spoiling for a fight
this could be the finest hour

when the best it gets is just average
when the calibration is uptight
if the dj’s talking as the voice of the nation
don’t think twice you’ve just begun
the road is tough, but the road is fun
your hour come baby then it’s gone
ah! good times
good times
goodbye, what is this?
good times just step away
ah! good times

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