goodbye humanosaurus lyrics – xtc

just take your suitcase from my wardrobe
and pack it full of guns and bombs
then cfc’s and germ-war microbes
we’ve been destroying stuff too long
and there’s no home for us
just you raise your voice in chorus
goodbye humanosaurus

they’ll teach at schools we were cold-blooded
and that we spoke and threw a t*rd
how we all drowned as litter flooded
we treated earth like it was dirt
and so i must implore us
don’t go near that exit door-us (doris)
goodbye humanosaur
be no more us

they were big with brains the size of a [burger bap]
history has got ’em down as a h*m* sap
all that now remains
are the overgrown fast lanes
and junk food cartons
they’d adore us if we’d just sweep up the floor-us
goodbye humanosaur
clean the sh*r*
no more war

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