gossip (freestyle) lyrics – demetri yates

gossip (freestyle)
hatin, go head & let em,
but you know i aint gone stop,
don’t matter wat weather,
i camaflouge, meaning 2 blend in,
i’m a beast, no hibernating,
feel the pain dat i am sending,
24/7, dis iz real, no pretending,
u real too, ha, i’m kidding,
thinkin u can beat me, n*gg* all u do iz talk hype,
touch me and try 2 warm up, guarantee frostbites,
cuz me, i decided to be out iced,
mouth so froze, i don’t think i can talk right,
but they know who i am, on da streets i walk bright,
they walk on the other side, cuz dey have da fear of loss sight,
so, i guess i can’t camaflouge,
but i ripped it though, man i’m hard,
i see u chokin up,
i give the game a smoking touch,
because i blow it up,
people, mr. fresh has awoken up,
from a nightmare,
that i was attack by a monster,
hold on da beast is right here. boo!

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