great city of ashes lyrics – last minute sedative

oh, great city you will fall
into a flame that sees no end
you have mocked these words before
warning you of this

on the day you meet your end
you will look to the sky
but you will find no out reached hand
to pull you out of this

you spit in the face of our best efforts
to show you the way to your salvation

oh city lost in flames
you’re fate’s impending still
will you make the choice to leave
this world that you once knew
our hearts will break for you
when the truth is refused
and replaced with worthless ways
that your heart holds to

devastation will have no mercy on the d*mned
this world will burn and no eyes will see
a more violent end to this humanity
your world will fall beneath you
opening the gates to h*ll

turn your eyes to the one who breathes new life
i have found, that to live, we must give our lives

but may i not cast judgement off the high-rise of
my place is not to cast judgement on anyone
for i am no better than my fellow man
i have been called to speak truth in this world of lies
for i have found salvation through the grace of christ

this world will fall but i will stand strong amongst
the wreckage

tolerated or not, i will carry my cross
brothers carry your cross, eternity is near

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