gretna greene lyrics – fight


a purple bruise,
a fractured limb,
all covered up with lies.

a swollen face,
a bl**dy tongue,
this violence denied.

empty now and meaningless,
ridiculed in shame,
until death do us apart,
who should take the blame?

to live a lie
forgive or die.

a stricken look,
a lowered head,
reflections, turning back.

a trembling hand,
a quickened step,
the dreaded, next attack.

turning from the holy ghost,
light and spirit fade.
waiting for deliverance,
every thing betrayed.

to live a lie
forgive or die.

a vacant stare,
a beat-up faith,
the book of truth reviled.

a prayer to god,
a plea for help,
held ransom with the child.

wide awake and holding tears,
fear that never sleeps,
curled up in the bed at night,
the virgin gently weeps.

to live a lie
forgive or die

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