grim lyrics – necrodemon

riding the night sky appearing at the end of life
boney finger now points as black ashes anoint
death’s cold creaking fist rips your grave and amethyst

frilly black obsidian cloak with fear and terror choke
dreamstate now defined pearly gates now in sight
shining blade of the scythe reflect in the dying eyes

manifestation of him!
cold, black, grim!

fleshless smile always wins to those confessing the end
adrenalined heart pulsates fearing austere dire fate
ghastly funeral figure an apparition most sinister

hourgl*ss sands of time death bell loudly chimes
cloaked figure without a face denies and fouls this
putrefying rotten stench draped over the very essence

manifestation of him!
cold, black, grim!

he comes to take your life!

souls climbing through the dirt
belief in a release from the hurt
evil black sockets stare
capturing souls unaware

ceremonial leaves now spread
over the incinerated dead
defleshed and fractural
glowing and unnatural

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