grind a.d. lyrics – decrypt

here we are in a new age
the weak lie in my wake
i dream of structures
erected out of violence and hate
do you know why you are here?
do you question your existence?
when you look into the mirror
what the f*ck do you see?

p*ssing down a wishing well
violence and hate have served them well
n*body here deserves to die
but nothing will stop this genocide

you don’t know the things i feel
you can’t change whatever i say
try and try to block them out
problems just won’t go away
f*ck you, you never understand

i’m in love with anger

i’m married to frustration
i only feel at ease
in social isolation

who can i turn to but myself?
no comp*ssion no one else
sleep forever in my place
i feel no pain no disgrace

carving knife-holes in the f*cking walls
pacing up and down the motherf*cking halls

stuck in this cycle riddled with regret
waiting for complacency antic*p*ting death

paycheck to paycheck
for whom for what
contemplate my future, but i don’t give a f*ck

unyielding thoughts of evil
in the wake of deep depression
personalities i see through-i abstain of this bullsh*t

your life is full of fiction fooling no-one but
your a walking contradiction
i abstain of this bullsh*t

doom, not a shred of hope,
i’m grinding through their skulls
and feeling no remorse [2x]

your way, my way everything will be the same
when our minds melt in the flames
on our judgment day
memories of the past are erased

doom… end of saga [4x]
doom… end of saga [3x]

doom end of saga and the weak ones are the first to go
thoughts and actions are forgotten end in human war

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