groove to the motion lyrics – alan guno

i’ve got to groove
i’ve got to move – come on now
it’s time to prove
oh yeah

don’t run away because i’ve come so close to you
don’t be afraid cuz you don’t know just what to do
just play the game and we can mess around all night
it’s all the same and everything’s all right now

closer to play – i’m game to stay
dance, dance – cuz i’m only askin’ once tonight
closer to me – like what you see?
dance, dance – and we’ll move to the beat

so we groove to the motion, m ove to the motion
groove ‘til i prove all my heart’s devotion
fast as a river, strong as the ocean
dance for romance, don’t ignore the notion – yeah

not much to say but words can’t do much anyhow
just look my way and we can start this here and now
our hearts collide – your body moves in sync with mine
just let it ride – you’re flashin’ me the sign now

all night, you’ll see – all night, near me
dance, dance – cuz i can’t control my heart much longer
all night, so real – your kiss, i’ll steal
dance, dance – and we’ll move to the beat


you can’t ask why when i’m feeling that fit
you can’t ask why with my – with my kiss on your lips



groove to the motion, move to the motion
dance for romance – oh baby – yeah

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