gutting religious heritage lyrics – kult ov azazel

legions prepare for attack
death by the hand of might
human blood will be shed
with the destruction of righteous lives
no soul shall be spared
rivers of blue turn crimson red
victory for those who walk the path
eternal d*mnation to those that fail

imprisoned by your blindness
released by our hate
we have come to
conquer and decimate

crushing, smashing, destroying life
look and see your god has failed
elimination, obliteration, desolation
your soul will rest in h*ll
the altar is your flesh
your soul, the sacrifice
your god, the enemy
your demise, our salvation

blood is spilled
out of rage we kill
leaving nothing behind
pulverized, left to die
like the pigs that you are

condemned for your holiness
termination is your fate
we have come to
conquer and decimate

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