gymnast lyrics – gucci mane

[verse 1: gucci]
made a promise to my self that i’ll be never broke,
counting up all this money but i’m never tired
three in the morning and i’m still going, jewelry so
cold feel like the wind blowing. pushing more weight
arnold schwarzenegger walk-in closet feel with bells
and gl*ss (gucci) kill ya self my n*gg* do the world a
favor, and i done lost count i got so
many haters, canary watch i swear got yellow fever.
jimmy choo gl*sses so it’s hard to see ya, put my money
on a tred mill
and let it build [?]

[hook: gucci]
i’m a gynast, i’m a gymnast i’m in the kitchen flippen
chickens i’m a gymnast, i’m in the laboratory now doing
chemistry, i can’t lie me and
money got a chemistry. (gucci) [x2]

[verse 2: gucci]
throw the money in the air like i’m elway, 50 bells at
the house, i’m a bellsmen. i got 65 thangs on the
spressway, a couple boxes of mid is what they mail meh,
i love my plug homie shout out to my esay, i got that
[?] homie you a swag stealer, i’m in my big dooley
truck, it’s a gl*ss house, i’ll turn ya sister condo
into a trap house, on hand to hand with the cookies
like a girl scout, winter time you might catch me in
the stretch furr, all black maybach with the chauffeur,
i’m a cooker but yo daddy is a smoker

[hook: gucci]

[verse 3: gucci]
dirty money throw that money in the shower, she can’t
even feel her face cause of the powder, one spot three
kitchens is a blow spot. charge you twenty grand flat
for some convo, keep the js mile high like the broncos,
got a n*gg* bussin bells in the living room, left ounce
n half on the hard wood, count a half a million cash in
the bedroom, never let a n*gg* know were yo stash at,
made 75k playing blackjack, let a n*gg* get it back
playing cee-lo i’m on my old school sh*t playing kilo

[hook: gucci]

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