hakimashita lyrics – frenzal rhomb

i have been feeling below par
and i can not even find the green
i’m feeling under the weather
that is to say it’s on top of
me. i don’t feel good today
i can’t help it anyway.
i can not help my emissions
even if maybe they’re a social faux pas
gastronomical extradition’s
i shouldn’t have spent all my time in the bar.
hakimash*ta, i’ve soiled myself again.
my stomachs subsiding it’s about time
i’m thinking of returning to duty now
hang on i’m sure that’s such a
good idea i might return to the bowl,
i don’t feel good today
i can’t help it anyway
language has never been much a
barrier when it applies to this
there’s not many misunderstandings that
arise following a vomit kiss.

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