half the world away lyrics – catch

i don’t know where to start; there’s just so much to say
and no – one’s home so i can indulge again.
i don’t know where to stop; i never really tried.
discarding these clothes of weathered pride.
you call me delicate – i’ll break my own bones.
don’t talk to me about being alone (when i’m)
half the world away. waiting for your call.
picking up the phone – there’s no – one there at all.
’cause you’re half the world away. and further every day
i’m just a dumb delay when i’m half the world away.
i pin your picture up. i see you on the screen.
i cast myself with you in every dream.
a promise is too much – they’re all but pretty lies –
so worthless when my mind’s eye is going blind
as i sing this song i wonder if you’ll hear: but you’d never go se near (when i’m)
and though we’re poles apart i won’t give up just get.
you’ll never hide so don’t forget (that i’m)

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