halfway thugs lyrics – capone & noreaga

word up son
i did ’cause, i had to discipline n*gg*z, knahmsayin’?
eatin’ like he live, he ain’t live, word up
n*body can’t eat if i can’t, word up

if i can’t eat god, don’t let n*body eat god
you ain’t live, i’ll eat ya food kid
i’ll take your food, it’s on
it’s on now, word up

’cause he’s a halfway, thug that he betray
if you got locked that *ss, ‘d probably come home gay
smack, blood out ya mouth
(what the f*ck you say?)
break your feeble *ss down
(’cause you ain’t in my league)

yo, now ain’t that the pot callin’ the kettle black
i used to peddle crack, you never sold drugs so stop frontin’
i pushed the war b*tton, you cold panicked
use tools to fix ya f*cking face like a mechanic

dramatic, dynamic, and underhanded
you say the sh*t that i say for so long i can’t stand it
the god bandit, erupt like volcano
sh*ttin’ lava, right on they armor, you blood [unverified] farmer

what wha? [unverified] hasa, gato, nuto cuatro [unverified]
imbalance the scales of slaughter, iraq discipline
and open ya face, spit on the cut, pour the henny in
[unverified] f*ck a popa get smoked properly

it ain’t even got to be handed on record
just me and you, one on one, i’m only one
yo, the only one, [unverified] team alphabet
your power counterfeit, fraudulent, fraudulent yo

who’s fascinated? i get highly lifted and upgraded
you playa hate it, bite me before i made it
my opposition, compet*tion ya code scratched
like gats without serial numbers that don’t match
cnn form, gang is called, ‘art of war’

yo, you weak minded, dumb deaf the n*gg* blinded
left behind in, lost and found you can’t find it
john the baptist, observe, mad water
surveillance my style, exile, feeble and fragile
not one crew, f*ck you up like we do
252, cnn will shoot right through
(25 to life kid)

set it off break you off, just like a big brick
top that sh*t, mix and contaminate it
navigate it, 2-5 the most hated
my satellite will orbit in rap, planet’s my oxygen

we poppin’ it, kick through door, dorag and moccasin
you can’t stop, lieutenant arab
thirsty to have what you have
bust a new trade, illuminati be the new age

masquerade courageous, loud and boisterous in three stages
they try to get my thunn twist in cages
so get the word spread, spread it like love
you halfway thug n*gg* you betray

yo i used to hang around with y’all, cover ground with y’all
now i flip turn around and pull the pound on y’all
dissolve, that weak sh*t you thought just revolved
like the earth at its axis, i got access to map this

pure blackness, yo attack this blood sucker of the poor
my power show and prove, livin’ on the 5th floor
we at war, with the foolish
get deducted, lose points, they can’t do this
like i do this so what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what

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