hammer of the blood god lyrics – debauchery

hey baby you want some f*ckin’ d*ck
just for fun, i’ve got a m*ssive pr*ck
heavy as iron, a brutal c*ck
standing hard as a f*ckin’ rock
no mercy, you will get impaled
hooking on me, torturing me with your nails
rockin’ me hard, holding me tight
take it in your mouth, kissing dynamite
feel the hammer of the blood god
hey honey, you like it like a b*tch
you got it as you deserve it witch
in your *ss between your t*ts
i know you like it hard, you crazy f*cked up chick
time for *rg*sm, you are getting loud
feel me rockin’, shooting my load
all on your face, feel it drip
down from your mouth straight to your t*ts
feel the hammer of the blood god

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