happy jamz lyrics – boyz n da hood

racisim at an all tyme high and the acodimy f*ked up wtf we partyn fo man

youll never hear me make no happy jamz, these n*gg*z love me fo who i am, i get mi muny i go get mi
frendz, sip on sum drink, and roll up in?

mi nephew u were born dif mama got sugar in her blood streamz coughn up col yellin at the? she 50 yrs
old n i put this on errthing shednt seen a happy day sence she wuz 17 the mo i smile the mo i hurt i
flirt wit the 12 gauge h*ll they tuk mi tuf itz like the devil when we c*m outside i aint lyin mi n*gg*z
pumpin the nine stead they droppin like flies see we livin like larry james see most of a us high im
pullin guard from anything u want me ya die mi sister had? ona clik mi pistols had ansers thad get us
60 yrs but i aint wanna see mi uncle had cancer in the dik mi aunty had cancer in the *ss she aint even
want a sh*t died round 1986
n*gg*z all up ta big gee n im broker than a slump b*tch


y u never hear no happy sh*t from young mathers man udk the half of it i came up on the block where the
killas stay at sumtymes i wish i coud put mi whole life on playback n a two 1 shack they aint much u can
do but get drunk n roll another blunt withchya crew but all the? soldiers i feel im due for a blessn
late nite toatn a tech jus for protection this world done tought me a lesson i learned from the ogs how
to keep mi muny rites in the low keys look at the face of advirsity n laugh at it grand mama died while i
wuz on the grind this life iz so tragic ’cause i smile doesnt’t it mean im in a good mood hate ta lose mi mama
’cause that lady cooked sum good food n i dnt mean ta b rude but f*k the world all i need is the mom mi son
n babygurl niccca


only depend on a few in this lifetyme show love ’cause u never know when u might die might try ta get mi
mama out these projects only live day ta day never known wuts next ’causezin died n a car crash from a broke
neck riden n a solen car wit no i.d. i hate that but that’s the way this durty world rotates u gotta take
control a ur own life n seal ur own fate

mi mama wuz an og mi daddy wuz an og b gentle wit the numbers man alotta folks notice me stuk up on the
porch witta country man wunna be older man bout the store cut his stomach on the e mama had an expidition
but the munthly fee 453 had ta giv back las week ta big gee ta edgehanger up n dwn all the stress im goin
thru never make a happy jam


n*gg*z sik a bein broke, n*gg*z sik a doin sh*t man, otha m*th* f*kerz taken the credit for, that sux,
n*gg*z sik a creatin sh*t man, n them m*th*f*kerz u kno captilize over wut they create, u kno, so wut
happnin rite now, iz the mob baby, the real mob, face, mi m*th* f*kn rymes n*gg*, ya kno uhh i nvr make a
happy jam ’cause there aint nuthn ta smile about, ya kno, n if u thinkn a n*gg* playin keep f*kn wit me
young mathers, bigg gee, tha streetz

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