happy lyrics – kat parsons

oh oh oh oh
wherever you go there you are
you can run but you won’t get far
i know you wanna be a tortured soul
but you had it too good, ooh, hmm.

there’s only so much you can change
only so many ways that you can rearrange
the pieces, the puzzle to find
they only fit one way.

you dreamed of being someone else
what you don’t know is they are lost themselves
if you could only see what i see
then you’d be happy.

[chorus 2]
la la la la [x3]
oh oh oh oh!
la la la la [x3]

you’re only left with what you’ve got
when the plans fall through and the dreams stop
don’t be fooled into thinking you’re not enough
don’t buy that lie.


you want it all to happen in one day
[shame jaykin shame]
but the world works in solar waves

oh [x30]

[chorus 2]

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