happycolor lyrics – lisa ljungberg

red, brown and gold i found one fall day in the setting sun.
showing me the path to go if i just dare.
it was earlier that year i found color one in my collection,
in a flower carried in your hair.
since that day i’ve captured all the colors
our story is built upon.
painting pictures in my soul all down memory lane
while waiting ’til i see you again.

i capture every color in a box of joy and pleasure
where grey is just a shadow of the past.
if anyone need color in their life i will be sharing.
have some happycolor on your walls and hair it lasts.

your shiny lips gave me the third color and every time i see them
i’m shivering just like time when we first kissed.
when a fire truck is hauling by there’s a smile upon my face,
our fire, i am sure, they’ll always miss.
i have almost captured all the colors
of the image when i miss you.
and the colors will explode in a firework that shows
every time i get to see you again.


on a summer meadow every shade of green.
from the shining moonlight silver bright and clean.
in a winter snowstorm the color was white.
we will find the final color here tonight.
i will paint the world with happycolor too
happycolor i have found because of you.


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