harbinger of a new dawn lyrics – thy majestie

see my kingdom in darkness
i’m fighting to enlighten all
it is time to scatter
the seeds of future
i will divest them of their seals
symbol of vile and false kings
behind their silk they’re
too blind to realize

fire and flames will redeem this world
as will the blood on my hand
letting divisions falling
on the sand of time
desperate cries, mourning in vain
nothing but ancient-time pain
the only religion
will be the new empire

reapers of time
your weapons will be vain
hear the rage in our cries
in the only kingdom he’ll rule
in the land of twilight
harbinger of new dawn
i will be the emperor
this i swear on my soul

grim beats of drums in the distance
shadows i see on the ground
i’ll tear out the sparkle
from the last opposing crown
bows have been loaded, swords have been drawn
here’s the last step to my throne
by my divine hand
on their knees they’ll fall

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