hard to love lyrics – harem scarem

i stand before you accused of many crimes
but i want to believe that love can still survive
you don’t have to say it, i don’t have to read your mind
to know that emptiness has finally arrived
how was i to know right from wrong
words were hardly spoken, so where did i go wrong
tell me honestly, if you’re still loving me
looking into my eyes honestly
words have more meaning, if they’re said at certain times
i need you now so i can feel alive
how would you know if you won’t give me some time
to see if everything could work you’ll be mine
i’ll be lost forever or someday i may find
the words that i’ve been searching for or just some peace of mind
all the nights i sit and wonder there must be more life
i’m sure that days and years go by while
i am living with, living with a lonely feeling

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