hate lyrics – die apokalyptischen reiter

feeling useless deprived of it all
respect never preserved always being sold
revenge wasted ever to create
seeing through me energising your hate .

power doomed upon me
creature given rebirth to see
burried under a crown of th*rns
exilled to find it’s army of sp*wns .

a deep look in the future seeing
all that hate
nothing left to see no more, only
left to faith
destroyed is all i can say
peace never more
hung like a hollow shadow
doomed like a lost soul .

plunged into darkness
drenched like a grave
left with insomnia
eyes melt with pain
seeing no future, realising it’s the end
people regret their grief it’s
time to descend .

ribs torn out in hate
lungs blood detorate
skulls explode at my site
no one dares for it’s my rite .

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