hate me! lyrics – children of bodom

“hate me!”

i was born in ashes of molten hatred
raised by demons in abodes of the dead
the reaper’s scythe i fall upon to light my path
wrecked by mangled wounds of life
i have become become the resurrection of the evil one
‘y know that i don’t f*cking care if i live or die

i need a bishop preaching fire to get away with my sins
i despise everything i see so i don’t give a f*ck if ya hate me

ain’t got respect for humanity
never lived or wanted immortality
the reaper’s shadow i fall upon to obscure my path
every day i’m being battered up until i bleed
you motherf*ckers just leave me be
ya could never give me cure for the pain i feel inside

led by the reaper i walk in the night
show me the way to your kingdom come

i believe in armageddon, i’ve been baptised in alcohol
i’m embodiment of antichrist
i’m living for my own demise

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