hatefuel lyrics – internal bleeding

you blame me for all your sorrow
take a good look at yourself
the temple of hate you built is
supported by pillars of ignorance

hatefuel [4x]

speak with two tongues
see through blind eyes
listen with deaf ears
nothing but lies

hatefuel – you’re fueling
the fire within me
hatefuel – you’re hanging
your sorrow on me
hatefuel – you’ll soon feel
the power within me
i’m burning with anger
and righteous truth

unrestrained fury- armed with the truth
with strength of conviction – i extract punishment
possessed of clear vision – i see through your lies
the violence my resolve – can be seen within my eyes
oppression is the god – you worship to – and revile
indoctrinate the young – mislead the weak- and the poor
corruption of belief – belies the hate – of yourself
cultivate the seeds of jealousy and despair
lack of – vision – short of – wisdom
see beyond yourself – beyond the west – inside your
to the mecca that you built – to house the lie – that’s
your life
don’t blame me when you fail to lift yourself – from
your fate
i gave you all the tools and still you stab me in the

in the back

look – back – what you created
rise – up – make a difference
look back – at what you have created
rise up and make a f*cking difference

hatefuel – you lashed out – and hurt me
you tested – my will
now you – shall pay

hatefuel [4x]

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