hater love lyrics – styles p

[verse 1: styles p]
small talk is irrelevant
down to kill an elephant
n*gg*s look fly in their b*tches look elegant
let the birds fly like a pelican
from ny out to maryland
be more careful them little n*gg*s hear ya
tattoo tears overhead if you dare to
yeah, wax out the trippy
racks off the other sh*t
max with the hippys
mack out the window if n*gg*s act iffy
m’s off the piffy
sh*ts getting sticky like jiffy
hood gon’ cry if they hit me
i’m a real *ss n*gg* get with me
kush in the grinder and my looks is designer
my dope is raw like i got good from china
always on some other sh*t
even the hatin’ n*gg*s is lovin it

[hook x2]
even the hatin’ n*gg*s is lovin it
even the hatin’ n*gg*s is lovin it
even the hatin’ n*gg*s is lovin it
f*ck all the hoe *ss n*gg*s and f*ck the government

[verse 2: sheek louch]
haters still lovin it
but i dont give a f*ck if they didn’t
i’m black lovin it
poppin’ off on some other sh*t
hand on the tommy couple shooters behind me
they tryin’ to take the black man out like mitt romney
me and p add 2 when its 3d
imax movie, chain and our watches is duplicate
they love my style, alligator band on the heblut
true religions on, louie kicks all on the big toe
you don’t think i seen a million dollars i did though
christopher wallace money, every night is a big show
hit the gym, bag lookin’ f*ckin forigno
don don, b*tch be on my d*ck from the get go ahh

[hook x2]

[verse 3: styles p]
its crack or gas for the dollars
ride around town in the black impala
n*gg*s could act wilder
show up at your moms crib
same *ss guns sin of act of valor
sort like the car they gave me no hope
i’m real rugged yet smoother than the aveeno soap
i mean body wash
up on the sh*r* where his body washed
it wasn’t me, i was smoking weed with his bodyguard
i’m not feelin’ you, prolly made a plan or killin’ ya
a- rap, n*gg* im willin’ to
i’ma mob boss all day part of a …like john forte
but ego is liquid, connect seem solid though
any signs of the feds, motherf*ckin’ vamonos
put quote on the streets before i do twenty years
being broke is the only thing money fears

[hook x2]

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