he pep! lyrics – fall

i don’t want to go back anymore.
i don’t wanna go to work in the rain.
no more toast grilled on the heater.
no more of that a&r girl.
and having to meet her.
my person is in race everywhere. [embraced?]
you pep!
and i stick my parker pen under my ear
beneath my own carefully scruffed hair.
what i wear
have to check out of a boutique lair
hang on
hang on, [live in st. anne’s with me.]
into the room of the b*ss player.
why would you go up stairs?
you pep!
don’t think he’s going to get in slippy
north of hamptonshire.
i believe there’s a new drug out.
[it’s called speed i] wrote a song about it
conceptually a la bowie.
but it’s been lost in the vaults of the record company
by our manager
so instead our new 45 is ‘girlies’
[his eyes are brown.]
yours, brattingly.
everyone says “please”
anyway it’s a race in life
wait to say it in lancashire
you pep!
you had the best summer
and now it’s wearing off.
no more excuses
for your traitorism.

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