head trip lyrics – dannel vonn dillon

it’s easy spending bad minutes
easy sleeping when the clock is stuck at 7:02
take a record and spin it
and i’ll be walking on the opposite track from you
i guess i make you look bad
and you can not deal with that

you can always tell me what to do
but i don’t want to hear that sh*t from you
you’re just another head trip nothing new
i’m feeling like a slacker next to you

you must think i am crazy
or maybe i’m just lazy
it’s not enough to be happy
you must have lots of the money

you say you’re all about the loose ends
and you gotta tie the knot on all your problems too
so you went and got married
well, i guess that was the next thing on your list to do
i guess she doesn’t look bad
and you’re very proud of that

so, you’ve got the future planned, man
and you’re hoping to get hired at the branch that’s new
you gotta put away the money
cause you’re hoping to retire when you’re sixty-two
i guess i’ll never get that
and that makes you very mad

copyright 2007

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