hearts at war lyrics – words of farewell

this guilt will bring us down
and destroy what we once were
regret my brother, shame my sister
you, their doom ridden mother-in-law

tearing your wings apart
i take a step into the flames
to fight you
… with all my might

all the toil in vain
for any loss inflicted
and the pain we caused
we shall declare war

i’ve been to heaven tonight
but there is nothing to hope for anymore
on top of the world in the pouring rain
god slowly turned away from us

rending our wounded souls in fear
what’s become of us withering away like this ?

the grand day of reckoning is here
springing to arms the rumbling begins
now it’s payback time for you
and vengeance shall be mine

fierce fire burning in your eyes
your testament written in my blood
my painful death is your last will
for we are hearts at war

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