heaven lyrics – mary mary


i gotta get myself together, ’cause i got some place to go
and i’m praying when i get there, i’ll see everyone i know
i wanna go to heaven, i wanna go to heaven, said i wanna go to heaven, i wanna go to heaven, do you wanna

[verse 1]
can you picture a place where there’s a smile on every face
and all the worry, all the stressing, all the pressure’s been erased
walking down a street that’s golden,
angels singing perfect weather
everybody’s got a mansion, y’all it just don’t get no better
i wanna go


[verse 2]
the only way i can explain it, is that in life we go through changes
though we know it serves a purpose, still sometimes it just seems
but this race that i am running, whether i run it fast or slow
long as i just keep on running, i’m gonna make it there someday
i know


there’s a place for us, one day i wanna see it
there’s a place for us, and you may not believe it
but i’m just living my life, so i can live again
everyday i’m getting ready, ’cause i wanna make it in


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