hebosaurus lyrics – anal cunt

you’re such a f*cking hebe
you’re always freebasing pennies
you went to a plastic surgeon
and got your nose enlarged

you’ve got a tattoo of a penny- you’re a hebosaurus
your uncle’s murray lender- you’re a hebosaurus
you know all the words to yentil- you’re a hebosaurus
you’re breath smells like a bagel- you’re a hebesaurus

you have a yamaka welded on your head
you’ve tried to shoot up money
you beat off inside of banks
i want to stuff you in an oven

you’ve got a tattoo of a dradle- you’re a hebosaurus
you idolize gene simmons- you’re a hebosaurus
you think scott ian’s cool- you’re a hebosaurus
your breath smells like matzob*lls- you’re a f*cking hebosaurus

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