heel of a stranger lyrics – ufo

i was 17 and i thought you were one in a million
i never dreamed anyone (would) ever take you away
and at 21 tied the knot with a holy union
but i never thought i’d live to regret that day

* you put a scar on my heart i can’t cover up and hide
i’m on the ropes in the corner with no fighter left inside
** under the heel of a stranger he holds you captive by his charms
i saw the signs but not the danger now he’s the hero in your arms

every night you go out tell me it’s with a friend
you come back late know you’ve seen him again
and at 29 i realize the dreaming has to end
although i’ve lost your love still the ghost remains

* repeat
** repeat
oh yeah,

(instrumental break ) ** repeat 2.75 more times

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