hell spawn lyrics – infernal poetry

what am i? trapped in this infernal body
raped of all – was joy in my mortal life
back from abyss – to return as i was
strange dimension – i am not myself

betrayed by friends, engaged by demons – returned to life
after years p*ssed since disease – i hope myself to die again
transformed in a horrible creature – soldier of h*ll
emotions vortex possesses my soul – good and evil i confuse

returned to life with immense powers, forged by h*ll
narrow capacities to use them, at the and i’ll be back to inferno
i can’t ignore the troubles of weak, my new life will end faster
i can’t support for my mortality i can’t sustain remorse

where’s my soul
i’m h*ll sp*wn

what am i? contested between h*ll and heaven
raped of all left only with remembrances
back from abyss to conquer my revenge
strange dimension can’t be back to normalcy

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