hella bump lyrics – digital underground

[shock g]
got that bang, mayne
twenties, thirties ­ what you need?
see, this is full spectrum
undiluted heavyweight bang
yeah, we moving weight
and you can reach me on the internet
come get what you need

[krazy horse/shock g]
not just a nickel bag full, mayne
give me the fat, jumbo thirty bag of bang
watch what you slang
cause if it sound the same i’ll keep looking
ain’t putting fake music in my veins (no, no, no)
not just a nickel bag full
or a dime bag of bull cause i need my tummy full
pop daddy brought a fatty, slinging that banging
but underground mommy bought me h*lla b*mp
h*lla b*mp

[shock g]
flow on, baby, so i can get my b*mp on
if we got any real b*mp junkies in the house
like myself
>from now on no more nickels and dimes, baby
rolling or the folding kind
now’s the time to grind my way
and b*mp with conviction

[krazy horse/shock g]
a thirty bag of bang, baby
look at the way we b*mping
take a swig of this here swing
and recognize who pumping junk
who pumping stuff, who give you the holy ghosties
who rocks the spot
to bring the groceries with the most ease
not just a nickel bag full
i need a twenty so my tummy gets full
not just a nickel bag full
you gotta give me h*lla b*mp, h*lla b*mp

[shock g]
i’m picky about my flowing
not too slow and not too fast
you gotta be banging
want to feel like you like some *ss
cop it somewhere else if you’re b*mping cut
you’re giving away the?
but still you’re stingy with the b*mp
fronting on the funk we love
heavy b*ss thriller
the humping, trunk-dwelling, h*lla-b*mping party killer
while we singing knock me down
lift me up, tell me something good
and give me h*lla b*mp

[digital underground x2]
yeah, we roll with the flow
it’s all we know
the d slanging h*lla b*mp

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