hellblood lyrics – bewitched

(music and lyrics by vargher)

the flames of h*ll shall rise
and burn the angels wing
look into my demoneyes
watch the death they bring

satan – raise your fire in me
from christ, this world will be free

we cast the spell of blasphemy
to summon spirits out of h*ll
we chant satanic sorcery
the bells of h*ll will knell

father – raise the flame within my soul
lucifer, you are my master

* we’re the devil’s legions
the horde of the blackest fate
we┬┤ll slay the twelve disciples
with our h*llish, burning hate
lords of the abyss
bring us all your might
open wide the gates of h*ll
and burn this world of light

(* – vocals by wrathyr)

/ bewitched lyrics