hennessy lyrics – 69 boyz

(booty man speaks with a drunken slur)

(phone ringing)
curtis: h*llo?
jay-ski: yo, may i speak to curtis?
curtis: curtis? yeah, this me!
jay-ski: yo, what up, fool, yo, we goin’ to get some hennessy, man, you want some?
curtis: hennessy? yeah, i like hennessy. wrote a song about it. wanna hear it?
jay-ski: naw.
curtis: here it go.
jay-ski: nah, man
curtis: here it go.

(track starts here)

booty man: yeah, this is booty man in the house, right, tell you a lil’ sumn’…
hennessy, hennessy
hennessy, hennessy (here it go)

lord, i wanna get messed up
with ej inside my cup
although i am black and proud,

the cognac has got me actin’ ignorant
brothers just have to keep messin’ up
why do they gotta get p*ssy drunk?
for some strange reason it had to be
i had to drink that hennessy, now
take me to another bar, take me to a apc
so, i can get a 2-liter coke and 1/5 of hennessy
take me to another bar, drop me off to the apc
so, i can get a 2-liter coke and 1/5 of hennessy

curtis: the rotweiller? he went to max liquors.
lemonhead? he went to the edgewood lounge. rico?
he went to get some beer and cashews. some beer and cashews!

booty man:
help me. wont you help me?
would you help me find my waaaaay home?
my momma ain’t home…

(dial tone)
curtis: heh heh heh heh … you like it? h*llo?
operator: if you’d like to make …
curtis: he mussa hung up.
operator: … a call, please hang up and try again.

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